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How Long Does It Take For Moringa to Start Working?

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If you've stumbled upon this article, chances are you already know what moringa is and are eager to implement it into your daily routine. Whether you are taking moringa capsules or moringa powder, the question remains, how long until I see the results?

Moringa is one of the most powerful, nutritious and easily available superfoods on the market today. Its use dates back to ancient history and it has been used as a key component in many medicinal practices. Not only is this a great natural detox supplement, but it can also help with skin disorders, high cholesterol levels and even cancer treatment.

How Do Various Factors Affect Moringa's Efficacy?

Supplemental moringa use often begins to show results within two weeks, according to most sources. Yet, there are a variety of factors at play that can affect how quickly you begin to notice and feel improvements. As with any food supplement, it usually takes multiple months of consistent intake for the full effects to kick in. 

In order to reap the benefits of moringa, you may need to take it for an extended period of time, the length of which depends on factors such as:

  • Age
  • Your health
  • Lifestyle and diet
  • Targeted conditions 
  • Maintaining moringa intake and dosage

Areas Where Moringa Has a Direct and Prompt Effect

When used regularly and in large enough doses, moringa supplements can have noticeable effects in as little as a week.

Moringa can start working for you within a few days if you're taking it to increase your energy, improve your digestion and nutrition absorption, and supply your body with important nutrients and antioxidants. This is particularly true if you take a pure moringa supplement.

Individuals who take moringa to lower their blood sugar levels may notice a decrease in their fasting blood sugar levels as soon as one week after beginning treatment. 

Although Moringa leaf is often used to "repair" nutritional deficiency issues, some effects can be seen quite quickly.

If you take Moringa and see a difference in your energy levels right away, you may be lacking in one or more of the nutrients responsible for creating that energy.

Digestive problems are often associated with a lack of Vitamin B, so once your Moringa has been digested and absorbed, your body will have a much-needed boost of this vitamin.

Consuming moringa seeds has laxative effects. This has the potential to greatly speed up the digestive process.

Areas Where Moringa Has a Slower Effect 

In many cases, moringa may need to be taken regularly for at least three months before noticeable changes in health are shown.

After a few months of regular use, you will see the full advantages of moringa for hair and skin improvement, immunity enhancement, radical improvement of digestive health and gut microbiota, and reduction in cardiovascular disease risk.

Animals with high blood pressure were given moringa extract at 750 milligrams per day for eight weeks, and their blood pressure, heart rate, and other cardiovascular parameters were assessed. 

This study was published in the American Journal of Hypertension. Moringa supplementation decreased the thickness of the anterior wall of the left ventricles, the thickness of the interseptal wall during diastole, and the relative thickness of the heart walls in the rats. In cases of hypertension and cardiovascular illness, this is suggestive of the heart-protective benefits of moringa.

Some Benefits From Moringa Take Time to Show

It may take some time for certain Moringa applications to set in.

This is because they are typically the body's response to a change in levels or to being exposed to something new.

If you want Moringa to reduce your cholesterol levels, for instance, the polyphenols (flavonoids) in Moringa will need to reduce your lipid profile.

Increased cellular antioxidant status and inflammation are key to this mechanism's efficacy.

Increased cellular activity will have some positive consequences, but it will take some time for the body to produce enough antioxidants to deal with the free radicals and other troublesome cells.

However, not everyone experiences the same delay, and some report feeling the effects of Moringa almost immediately.

How Long Does It Take for Moringa To Lower Blood Pressure?

Individuals who take Moringa supplements to manage their hypertension will be relieved to learn that the herb begins to take effect in as little as two hours.

Two hours after eating 120 grams of cooked Moringa leaves, healthy individuals' blood pressure was significantly lower, even if they had eaten a high-salt diet for the previous week, as reported by a 2019 study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

How Long Does It Take for Moringa to Work on Arthritis?

In order to alleviate the inflammatory pain associated with arthritis, Moringa needs around three to four weeks to take effect.

Researchers in 2018 used an ethanol extract of Moringa leaves on rats with arthritis for 21 days. The findings demonstrated the herb's efficacy in halting the development of arthritis and slowing its progression.

However, in 2021, researchers examined the effects of Moringa leaves and seed oil on Wistar rats with rheumatoid arthritis. The researchers found that after 30 days, Moringa had a greater anti-inflammatory effect on this joint ailment.

How Long Does It Take for Moringa To Start Working for High Blood Sugar Levels?

Timeframe: A few hours to 3 months.

Those with diabetes who are looking for all-natural methods of lowering their blood sugar levels can benefit from using Moringa supplements.

Human-based research reveals three months of Moringa leaf powder intake dramatically lowered blood glucose levels in healthy postmenopausal women. Another small-scale study explicitly combined diabetes patients with healthy people as a control group. It was discovered that within two to three hours after eating, blood glucose levels were dramatically reduced when Moringa was taken as a supplement.

How Quickly Does Moringa Increase Breast Milk Supply?

Supplementing with Moringa for a week or so may aid nursing women whose milk production is low.

The average increase in breast milk supply after supplementation with Moringa occurred between days 4 and 7, as reported by a systematic review and meta-analysis of five randomized controlled studies including more than 300 nursing participants. Unlike fenugreek, another often used galactagogue that improves milk supply naturally, the review identified no negative effects.

How Long Does It Take for Moringa To Start Working for Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is frequent among middle-aged men aged 40 and up, despite the fact that it isn't widely discussed. Moringa is a fantastic place to start for guys looking for natural Viagra alternatives.

Rats given a low dose of Moringa leaf extract for seven days showed better sexual performance. Moringa was found to increase testosterone levels in the animal model, leading researchers to speculate that it may have similar effects in people. Further study is needed to determine how long it will take for outcomes to be seen in humans.

How Quickly Does It Take for Moringa to Promote Weight Loss?

Moringa's weight reduction benefits don't become apparent for around eight weeks, so be patient if you plan to use it as part of your weight loss plan.

The effectiveness of a Moringa-containing herbal supplement for weight loss was studied in 2012. One group took the supplement for eight weeks while the other did not. For the course of the trial, both groups adhered to a 2,000 calorie per day diet and walked for half an hour, five times a week.

The results showed that those who took the herbal supplements lost significantly more weight and had a significantly lower body mass index (BMI) than those who did not. Those with the former also reaped the additional health benefits of Moringa, including reduced glucose and cholesterol levels.

How Long Does It Take for Moringa To Promote Hair Growth?

Moringa has been shown to stimulate hair growth in animal studies, but only if given enough time.

Moringa leaf extract in 1, 2, and 5% concentrations was studied for its potential to stimulate hair growth in a small-scale study.

Moringa was compared to Minoxidil, a popular product used to promote hair growth, in the study. To a greater extent, Moringa was found to stimulate hair growth, the researchers said. Moringa leaf extract 5% stimulated hair growth more than Minoxidil did after 30 days.

How Soon Will I Get Results From Using Moringa for Wrinkles?

Aging is inevitable. On the other hand, Moringa may help you prevent wrinkles from forming or at least minimize their look.

The effects of a face lotion containing 3 percent Moringa leaf extract on the skin's appearance were investigated. For three months, participants used a Moringa-based cream on one side of their faces and a placebo cream on the other.

Skin on the participants' faces that had been treated with the Moringa cream became smoother and wrinkles were less noticeable by the end of the trial.

How Quickly Does Moringa Begin Relieving Anxiety and Depression?

Data from recent scientific studies have shown just how devastating the pandemic has been to people's mental health. The number of people suffering from anxiety rose by 25.6% after the COVID pandemic, reaching 76.2 million. No less alarming is the rise in reported cases of depression, which the latest data shows has increased by 27.6% worldwide, or by 53.2 million people.

Moringa supplements have been suggested by research as a natural supplement to antidepressants and anxiolytics (anxiety-reducing drugs) for people in this group.

In 2020, researchers tested the anxiety-reducing benefits of Moringa alone and Moringa combined with Diazepam (a commonly used anxiolytic) in adult Swiss mice. After 30 minutes, the combination of Moringa and Diazepam was "more relaxing" than either component alone.

How Long Does Moringa Stay In Your System?

Moringa's advantages come from its exceptional nutrient profile, making it stand out from other similar foods. Some nutrients are eliminated within 24 hours via urine, while fat-soluble vitamins might remain in the body for months. 

Because of this, it is important to ingest Moringa consistently and long-term to continue seeing it’s benefits. 

Final Thoughts

With all of this in mind, it seems safe to say that there are great results from moringa, but you may need some time for them to fully take effect. While many people report taking moringa for a few weeks or months before noticing any effects, others may take longer to notice them. 

Some say it can take over six months before changes are seen, but this likely depends on your diet, activity level, and lifestyle habits.

But whatever information you need to know about moringa, visit our website!