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Top Moringa Benefits for Men

Men and women both have their own unique health needs. While the most common concerns for men are prostate health, heart health, and testosterone levels, the female body faces a wide range of challenges including menstrual cycle irregularities, osteoporosis, or infertility. Fortunately, there is one plant that can help with all of these issues: Moringa.

Moringa offers a variety of benefits for men. It helps with:

  • Sexual performance
  • Prostate health
  • Fertility
  • Muscle recovery 

By increasing testosterone levels and improving sperm quality. It balances hormones and provides other nutrients like magnesium and vitamin C. It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease which affects millions of men each year.

In this blog post, we'll go over some tips on how to incorporate Moringa into your diet to improve your health.


What Is Moringa?

Moringa is a tree that is native to South Asia and Africa. The leaves are used as a spice, and in traditional medicine. In fact, Moringa has been used for decades to treat medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. 

At its most basic level, Moringa is rich in nutrients like vitamin A and iron. It also contains 16 amino acids, 22 minerals, and all the other essential vitamins needed by the body. Moringa can help manage your diet so you get enough of the proper nutrients while limiting your intake of harmful substances such as sugar or saturated fats.

what is the nutritional value of moringa - tribe organics

What is the Nutritional Value of Moringa?

Moringa leaves contain lots of vitamins and minerals that are essential for a healthy diet. In a 100 gram serving, Moringa leaves have 191 percent of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C, 111 percent of the daily recommended intake of potassium, and 60 percent of the daily recommended intake of manganese. It also has 51 grams per serving of calcium, 39 grams of iron, and 17 grams per serving of dietary fiber.


Moringa Benefits For Men

Moringa is an especially beneficial plant for men.nIt can reduce the risk of prostate cancer and improves sexual performance by increasing testosterone levels. Moringa also helps with fertility and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Promotes Prostate Health

Moringa can promote prostate health in men. The leaves are rich in calcium and potassium which can also reduce the risk of cancer. Moringa may also have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to fight against bladder infections. It's even been shown to inhibit the progression of an enlarged prostate.

Moringa is the only plant source that is rich in Vitamin C and beta-carotene. It also has high concentrations of tannins which are thought to be responsible for its antioxidant activity. This means Moringa can help protect against free radicals that can cause oxidative damage in cells and tissues all over your body!

When taken as a precaution, Moringa helps prevent prostate enlargement which is common with age. The extract also can prevent the growth of the most common cancer in men, prostate cancer.

Treats Erectile Dysfunction

Moringa seeds may help with erectile dysfunction.

ED affects more than 30 million US men today. Moringa is widely used and helps reduce the stress hormones in a male's body, which can also cause infertility.

It consists of various vitamins and minerals that increase blood flow and antioxidants shown to improve sexual health. The properties of the Moringa plant have been shown to reduce enzymes that have been linked to erectile dysfunction.

Improves Fertility

Moringa has been shown to improve fertility in both men and women. One study found that taking Moringa can increase testosterone, and improve sperm count and mobility.

Moringa leaf extract can also prevent the loss of sperm caused by exposure to heat and chemotherapy. The benefits of the plant for male reproductive function are attributed to its antioxidant properties. Moringa seeds help repair oxidative damage that reduces sperm quality, as well as provide antioxidant support which aids in stress management- reducing your drive!

Other studies have found that consumption of Moringa can help balance hormones in both men and women by reducing estrogen which might cause infertility problems.

Helps In Blood Sugar Control

Moringa can also help with blood sugar control, which is vital for men looking to manage diabetes. Moringa is a natural way to regulate insulin levels, which can be helpful for those who are working on losing weight as well.

Promotes Muscle Growth

Moringa is a plant-based protein that contains all 18 amino acids, including the 9 essential ones.

It’s proven to be an excellent source of muscle building and repair for those who are physically active or athletes. Moringa has a higher protein content and including Moringa in your pre-workout smoothie will also give you enough calcium, an essential mineral that allows for strong contractions during endurance training. It's nutrient content includes:

  • Vitamin B12 (for red blood cells)
  • Iron (to help form hemoglobin)
  • Magnesium (which helps regulate muscles)

Moringa Benefits For Hair

Moringa has a variety of health benefits, including those for hair. Moringa is rich in vitamin C, which is an essential nutrient for hair growth.

  • Moringa powder is rich in Vitamin A, C, E, and Iron
  • Iron works as a stimulant for new hair growth
  • They also have Zinc which can repair damaged hair follicles so that their oil glands are working correctly
  • This vitamin can fight against free radicals that cause hair fall when stress levels decrease 

Moringa leaves for hair specifically help men who suffer from baldness due to excessive stresses such as work pressure or aging. Vitamin A promotes cell formation while reducing hair loss by preventing problematic cell degeneration.


How to Use Moringa Powder

Moringa powder is a powerful supplement with a variety of health benefits and can be taken in a variety of ways.

One easy way to add Moringa powder to your diet is by adding it to smoothies. Simply toss the powder into your blender with some milk and fruit, and you'll have a tasty, nutritious breakfast.

The powder can also be added to any type of food for an extra nutritional boost. You can sprinkle it over a salad or mix it into pasta sauce.

Keep in mind that Moringa has a slightly bitter taste so if you find the taste too overwhelming, try mixing it with honey or other flavorings.


What Moringa Powder Should You Use?

Moringa powder or leaf tea is a great way to add Moringa to your diet. But which should you use? The powder form is more convenient and can be added to smoothies, yogurt, or even water. It's also easy to add to recipes like soups and sauces. The leaf tea can be brewed as a hot or cold drink, and it can also be used to make a face mask.

TRIIBE brings you the purest and healthiest organic Moringa leaf powder, mindfully harvested in India, sustainably produced in the USA in a GMP-certified facility, and tested for purity and safety in a third-party laboratory. This ingredient is USDA Certified Organic, Kosher, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and it is suitable for Vegans and Children. 


Moringa Powder Dosage

Moringa is available in capsule, liquid, or powder form. The powder is typically the easiest to use, but it will depend on your preferred method of consumption.

It’s important to note that not all Moringa powders are created equal. Some products may be made of just the leaves while others contain just the seeds or roots. It's best to avoid these supplements because they won't provide you with all the benefits of Moringa.


How to Take Moringa Capsules?

The most common way to take Moringa is through capsules. The recommended dosage of Moringa is between 250-500mg capsules per day. It’s best to start with a lower dose, and then increase based on your tolerance.

For a healthy individual, 2 capsules of Moringa leaf powder can be added to any meal or drink to make it more nutritious. The nutrient content is reduced if exposed to heat, so add the powder just before serving food and drinks.

Moringa Tablets Benefits

Moringa offers a variety of benefits for men. It helps with sexual performance, prostate health, and fertility by increasing testosterone levels and improving sperm quality. Tablets make these benefits of Moringa powder easy to take advantage of. Make Moringa a staple in your healthy lifestyle as a natural way to improve bodily functions and prevent the side effects that come with aging.

Improves Heart Health

Did you know that men are at a higher risk of developing heart disease than women? Moringa can greatly reduce this risk by reducing inflammation in the heart, promoting healthy blood flow, and balancing hormone levels that can cause strain to the cardiovascular system. It has also been known to reduce blood sugar levels and increase circulation. To top it off, Moringa has been proven to help improve metabolism and assist in weight loss which can reduce stress on the heart. 

improves heart health with moringa - tribe organics


Promotes Prostate Health

One of the most important Moringa benefits for men is the ability to prevent cancer in the prostate. Yes, you read that correctly. This nutrient-rich plant has been proven to play a role in preventing cancer and can potentially improve overall prostate health. This is possible due to the antioxidants and the presence of chemicals such as glucosinolates. 

Promotes Fertility

According to PubMed Central, Moringa can naturally increase testosterone levels in men. Low testosterone can lead to low sperm count which contributes to an estimated 40% of fertility issues in the United States. Studies show that low sperm count or mobility is often caused by oxidative stress or damage which is one of the key symptoms Moringa improves. 

Improves Sexual Function and Performance

Finally, Moringa is proven to be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction and low libido. This is largely due to polyphenols which increase circulation and blood health and reduce oxidative stress in the body. With healthier blood flow and more oxygen available in the body, the body can direct more blood to the penis to achieve a lasting erection. It has also been known to increase sexual desire.


Final Thoughts

Moringa is an excellent supplement for men looking to improve their health. It can reduce the risk of prostate and cardiovascular disease, increase testosterone levels and sperm quality, and alleviate stress symptoms.


To get started incorporating Moringa into your diet, try adding it to a salad or drink as tea. As always, consult with your doctor before making any changes to your diet or taking supplements.