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What Is Moringa Good For? Reasons To Add Moringa To Your Morning

Reasons To Add Moringa To Your Morning

Morning is a time for many to start their day with an energy-filled cup of coffee or a healthy, nutritious breakfast. However, you may want to make the most out of this important meal, and you might need all the help you can get! Moringa is here to aid those in need; it's full of necessary vitamins and antioxidants.

Whether you’ve heard of moringa before or this is the first you’re learning about the supplement, you might be wondering: What is moringa? And what is moringa good for? Moringa is a plant from a tropical climate that is used in a variety of ways to help improve one’s health. The leaves of the Moringa tree are harvested for use as vegetables or used to make tea. The leaves are also ground up to make a supplement. Moringa powder benefits, as well as the benefits in the leaves and tea made from them, are hard to ignore.

It has many health benefits with its antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid-B5, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.


The leaves are small but very nutritious. Along with the vitamins and minerals found in moringa, it also contains all essential amino acids, which are important for good health. 


What Are The Benefits: 

When considering what Moringa is good for, the benefits of using this supplement can be vast. The leaves and pods of the Moringa plant provide many key nutrients that people may lack in their diet. 

Many people, especially women, have severe iron deficiencies. Moringa is a great source of iron, which helps to increase iron levels in the body. This can help you feel more energized, less fatigued, and overall healthier. In addition to providing large amounts of iron, 100 grams of Moringa provides 8 times as much Vitamin A as 100 grams of carrots do. Unfortunately, vitamin A deficiency is also common around the world among women and children. Deficiency in Vitamin A can lead to blindness and a weakened immune system.


Suggested Daily Dose

Moringa powder benefits go beyond just the nutritional content it contains. The suggested daily dose for Moringa is 1,800mg for most people. Those who practice competitive sports may benefit from higher doses, however, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before adding a supplement or increasing the dosage you use.

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How is This Moringa Supplement Helpful?

Moringa can help people who are chronically fatigued stay energized throughout the day. It can also be very advantageous for those who have diabetes or have high blood pressure due to the variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and more in the supplement.

People with arthritis may also benefit from using Moringa due to its antioxidant content, which prevents the production of free radicals, another cause of debilitating pain and swelling in joints.

Using Moringa for weight loss purposes is also beneficial. The supplement helps metabolism and energy levels, allowing you to better process the calories you consume. In addition, the benefits it offers to the cardiovascular and nervous systems help you feel better, improving your workouts.

When considering what is Moringa good for, the possibilities almost seem endless. This supplement has been shown to help with medical conditions across the board. It can help lower blood sugar levels, improve blood pressure, and even help protect against kidney disorders. Those who suffer from stomach or bowel concerns have seen improvement in their complaints when using Moringa regularly, as well.

On top of the more noticeable Moringa health benefits, many who have used this plant over the generations have found that it can be beneficial for treating depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. Those who suffer from mild to severe chronic fatigue, depression, and anxiety caused by low vitamin or mineral levels can see a huge improvement in these issues when using Moringa regularly. Even those who suffer from these mental health concerns due to other causes have reported vast improvement after adding Moringa to their daily regimen.


Who Will Benefit From Using Moringa: 

Moringa is a fantastic supplement for just about anyone. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 90% of people worldwide do not get enough Vitamin A. Iron deficiency is also a huge problem around the world because many diets lack good sources of iron. 

In addition, more than 61 million children under five years old are affected by Vitamin A deficiencies, and 175 million preschool-age children globally have red blood cell folate levels that are insufficient for normal development.

Anyone can benefit from using this supplement, but it will be especially beneficial to those who need an additional boost of energy during the day or whose job requires them to stay alert for extended periods of time.


Moringa Side Effects

It is a good idea to check with your doctor before starting a new supplement, especially for those who have any other medical issues, take medication, or women who are pregnant. This will allow you to ensure that there are no interactions or complications.


While there are very few reported Moringa side effects, it is important to be aware of possible concerns. For those who are diabetic, it’s crucial that blood sugar is monitored strictly when using Moringa since it has been shown to help lower blood sugar levels. If taken in combination with insulin, this can cause severe health issues. The same can be said for those with high blood pressure. When blood pressure medication is used in combination with Moringa, side effects are possible, including dangerously low blood pressure levels. LEARN MORE


Make Moringa Part of Your Morning


Whether you’re looking for a boost to your energy levels, you need to up your vitamin and mineral intake, or you’re looking for improvement for your mental or physical wellbeing, Moringa is a great option. Adding a supplement of Moringa to your morning allows you to feel better all day and helps improve your overall health.


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