Ashwagandha Benefits For Women

9 Ashwagandha Benefits For Women

When it comes to finding the right supplement for women, there is a range of choices out there. However, one of the best options is ashwagandha. When considering adding ashwagandha into your daily supplement routine, it’s important to ask “ what is ashwagandha good for?”.

There are plenty of proven ashwagandha benefits for women, from the ashwagandha benefits for weight loss to the overall health support this supplement can offer. Women are excellent multitaskers, and everyone knows it. The problem with too much multitasking is that there is a hefty load on the shoulders of women everywhere. It’s no wonder so many feel tired, moody, and drained. Add feeling stressed out into the mix, and you have a new normal for women around the world - and it’s not fair or easy to deal with.

It takes more than a cup of coffee to fix that feeling, and then sooner or later the worry begins to show up again. Instead of dulling the stress with more and more caffeine, consider the ashwagandha benefits for women that are there for you to see. This is a herb that has become one of the latest trends in women’s health, and for good reason! It’s been a staple throughout Ayurvedic medicine for centuries and it’s coming back around again now. But how can you benefit from ashwagandha? Let’s take a look at some of the most important ashwagandha benefits for women below:

Improving Sexual Dysfunction

Did you know that women can suffer from sexual dysfunction just as much as men can? Improvement in sexual function was assessed during studies and there were a number of successful sexual encounters measured to test how women responded to the herb. Women who were taking an ashwagandha supplement showed higher rates of female orgasm and satisfaction than their counterparts, without adverse side effects. 

Improvements On Mood & Stress

It’s one of the most popular reasons that people take ashwagandha; stress relief. There were clinical trials that showed that ashwagandha could help reduce cortisol levels, which led to measurable improvements in emotional and mental wellbeing. It can calm over-excited neurons and promote relaxation at the same time, which is such an important part of improving mood and reducing stress. This herb can improve the ability to feel calmer, think more clearly, and reduce overall stress levels.

Fulfilled Sleep

A good, restful night’s sleep is not always easy to come by. One of the biggest side effects of stress, irritation, and pressure is a lack of sleep. We rely on our circadian rhythms to cue our bodies to sleep at night and get up again the next day. Without the ability to fall asleep and stay in a deep, restorative slumber, it becomes very difficult to function day-to-day. You end up tired and irritable all day long, and thinking clearly can become incredibly difficult. With the help of ashwagandha, however, your sleep cycle can get back on track. 

Better Focus

You might have heard terms like ‘brain fog’ being thrown around, and while it’s not a diagnosed medical condition, it’s a very real experience. Chronic stress, lack of sleep, and certain medical conditions can cloud the mind and cause a severe lack of focus. It can then end up with an inability to concentrate, and in more severe cases can lead to memory lapses and an inability to process information. One of the big ashwagandha benefits for women is enhanced mental function. It can improve attention, memory, and the ability to process information quickly and properly.

Thyroid Support

1 in 8 women deal with thyroid issues at some point in their life. Stress interferes with thyroid function and an underactive thyroid can trigger slumps in both mood and energy. Low thyroid levels also contribute to a sluggish metabolism. With the help of ashwagandha, you can help improve your thyroid function. If you are currently on thyroid medication, it is important to consult with your doctor before adding any type of supplement to your diet, to ensure that there are no medication interactions or concerns to your health.

Symptoms of Menopause

Did you know that ashwagandha can help with the symptoms of menopause? Menopause is not always easy to manage and the symptoms can be difficult to cope with. Ashwagandha can help your body balance the hormonal fluctuations during menopause. It works with the endocrine system and offers relief from symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings, allowing for more comfort in your day-to-day life.

Help With Hair Loss

Hair loss is an issue that many women have to confront through various stages in their life. Hair loss is cyclical, but the more we stress out, the more it falls. On top of this, many hormonal imbalances or hormone changes women go through can cause mild to severe hair loss. Ashwagandha offers a variety of stabilizing properties that help keep not only your mood, but also your hormones more balanced. You can even buy shampoos and hair oils with ashwagandha within them; it’s proven to be an excellent treatment for those with dandruff and dry scalp issues.


Sugar Level Stabilization

One of the best benefits of ashwagandha for women is how it can help to regulate blood sugar levels. Whether you are diabetic, pre-diabetic, or just want to do everything possible from becoming diabetic, stable blood sugar levels are an important aspect of your health. Taking ashwagandha regularly can help keep your blood sugar at a healthy level. However, if you are currently on insulin or other diabetes medication, talk to your doctor before starting to use ashwagandha. You don’t want your blood sugar to fall too low!


Weight Loss

Perhaps the best and most important benefit this supplement offers for many is weight loss support. Whether you’ve recently gained weight or you’re trying to get rid of those stubborn pounds that just won’t go away, consider adding ashwagandha to your diet. There are plenty of studies that show that this herb manages stress and helps with food cravings, which then leads to improving eating and habits and a pathway to weight loss. In fact, the ashwagandha benefits for weight loss are hard to ignore. In addition to helping aid stress, this supplement offers benefits that help aid weight loss such as increased energy and stamina, enhanced muscle endurance, and enhanced muscle recovery.



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