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Amla Complex

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We do a lot of immune boosting supplements, but Amla Complex is THE immune boosting supplement. If your main priority is fighting off sickness, then this blend might be the one for you. Read More
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Boswellia Complex, helps you regenerate and bounce back from your busy life.
100% NATURAL & DRUG-FREE: NO Magnesium Stearate, NO Stearic Acid, NO Dioxides, NO Sulfates, NO Artificial Ingredients, No Preservatives, No Fillers or Binders. NO adulteration with low-quality extracts.


Nature’s Immunity Builder
We do a lot of immune boosting supplements, but Amla Complex is THE immune boosting supplement. If your main priority is fighting off sickness, then this blend might be the one for you. Saberry®, Amla fruit extract standardized to contain a minimum of 10% β‐glucogallin and 50% Gallic acid, MoringIn®, Moringa leaf extract standardized to 5% Rutin, in one HPMC (Hypromellose vegan capsule).
This powerful Ayurvedic blend enhances the energy metabolism and optimal functioning of the immune system, helps support the functions of eyesight, and maintain optimal blood sugar levels. Amla, a “Rasayana” herb in Ayurveda, has a hidden talent. It’s amazing for memory and brain function.
The phytonutrients and antioxidants fight against free radicals that can damage brain cells, keeping your memory and brain function healthy and well. Amla is a rejuvenator, not just for the brain but the skin and other major organs. We age and with that we are brought wisdom and understanding, Amla levels out the cost of that.
There have also been studies that suggest Amla may do all of that and more. A longtime go-to herb for its many benefits, it has been used in Ayurveda and Asian medicinal practices for thousands of years. It offers a high concentration of natural antioxidants and vitamin C. It is a powerful ally for strengthening the immune system, supporting healthy digestion, nourishing the tissues and gently removing toxins from the body.


Serving Size: 1800mg / 2 HPM Capsules of 350mg
Capsules Per Container: 120
Recommended Dose: Take 2 capsules daily (mixed with warm water, milk, honey, or ghee to stay traditional).

Natural supplements are designed to add to the already balanced and healthy lifestyles and diets. Variety is really the color of health. Vibrant meals, activities and lives are the best medicine and herbs, mushrooms and roots are just a part of that.

We recommend a two week trial run.
Every body is different and every lifestyle has its strengths and its not so strengths. By giving this supplement two weeks as a part of your routine you can get to know each other and then decide whether or not you’re a good team.

We may not be able to sell you a miracle cure but when you make long lasting changes to your lifestyle, well, that’s kind of magical isn’t it?

Taking inspiration from the wisdom of ancient natural healing is an important way to make sure that the planet is able to nurture our bodies and our minds. That being said, there are some ailments that might just need a doctor. So, if you have any serious medical or mental health concerns then please see a registered health professional for advice.

Natures immunity booster right to the core

Natures immunity booster right to the core

Immunity | Antioxidants | Energy

Time heals all wounds but it takes its toll on our bodies from the skin through to the major organs. Amla is a master rejuvinator of the whole body right down to the core.

Natures immunity booster right to the core

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