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Omar Thali


Omar Thali

All-American Student-Athlete / Master Degree in Exercise Science

Passion: Movement Culture

28 years old professional soccer player from Switzerland, currently living in Tampa, Florida playing for the Tampa Spartans (University of Tampa Athletics) and studying exercise science. He is helping athletes achieve physical freedom through holistic movement. 

To find more about him and his offerings:

Meet Omar

Born in February 22, 1994, Omar is an all-american student-athlete with a master degree in exercise science. Passion for athletics that have transformed into a profound recognition of the importance of movement. 
Learning about the Ido Portal Movement Method is currently his biggest passion. He is also passionate about seeking independence in many different forms and spirituality is one big part of it.

Get to know them

Morning Ritual

Spending time in the resting squat. Taking a cold shower. And doing 1-3 rounds of Wim Hof breathwork. Then diving into deep work. That's my ideal morning routine.

What's a book you read that made an impact on you?

Supernatural from Dr. Joe Dispenza and Karma from Sadghuru are two of my favorite books.


After trying many different diets throughout my life I would call myself a intuitive eater today. I place value on organic and local whole foods.

Favorite Quote

"Today is a good day to die."

How do TRIIBE'S Products make you feel:

TRIIBE supplements help me lower inflammation levels after intense workouts and they give me this extra energy which I seek as an athlete.

Life Goal in this moment:

Building my own online business and improving my understanding around movement.

What inspires you?

Observing Nature and people that push beyond their limits.

If you could change something about the actual world, what would it be?

I would create systems which promote more regional and harmonious ways of living based on anthroposophy.

Relationship with nature:

Being connected to nature is crucial for me because the closer I look at nature the closer I can look at myself.

Mental approach to a hard situation during your practice:

The Ido Portal Movement Method places high value on practicing frustration tolerance, so whenever a life situation, learning experience, or movement practice becomes challenging I remind myself it is just about frustration tolerance and it becomes like a game.