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We do exhaustive research of the highest-grade organic, fairly-sourced, herbs and mushrooms. From the field to your doorstep, sustainability goes beyond farming and production. It seeps right into everything that gets it from us to you.  We use what Mother Earth has already gives us, and we make sure that it doesn’t stop there.



  • Our PCR rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) bottles are 100% recyclable. Replacing 100% virgin resin with 100% recycled resin, we create 60% less carbon emissions (greenhouse gasses) and this way, we are giving packaging a second life.
  • Our labels are made from the pulp from hemp plants. It is manufactured with 50% Hemp and 50% post-consumer waste. 

We make sure we aren’t taking anything Mother Nature hasn’t already given, now it’s on to you to make sure that cycle keeps on going.