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We live with what we get, We get what we give

Life is a constant adventure of great beauty, natural highs, and passion. It’s also a brutal journey for so many. TRIIBE is about more than creating the most fulfulling lives for ourselves, but about leaving behind a world that will better facilitate the lives of the next generation.

That starts with the planet, our home. We contribute 1% of our annual sales (not just our profit) to 1% for the planet. They’re a global organization that vow to support educational and environmental causes. Help the planet, help our people, help ourselves.

Within that, we have supported Lead-Up International and Lead-Up Guatemala break the cycles of violence and poverty that stifle the potential of so many people. Through innovative, but soulful and oldschool, interactions with horses they empower young leaders to see how much inner strength they really harbor and develop the qualities we know they have hidden away, like being assertive, understanding, patient and kind. The kind of qualities that we want to see more often in the world we are trying to build.

we live with what we get, we get what we give - tribe organics
The future is ours and theirs, if we make it that way.
So, what have we helped happen?

We supported the creation of an inspiring mural, because art is one of the most powerful statements we can make. Painted by the international muralist, Chota from Comuna 13 in Columbia. A mural to spread the message of non-violence, peace, and unity. At the heart of the community in Vista Hermosa, Jocotenango, Guatemala.
Vista Hermosa is a marginalized neighbourhood, the home of many of the young people helped and held up by 1% for the planet. Transforming their hometown through the youth-led initiative, Urban HeArt. Urban HeArt gives the young champions from Lead-Up and gives them the oppurtunity to lead and become a part of the change. They lead and co-ordinate their own projects, activities and initiatives, spear heading social change and the transformation of more young lives just like their own, all with the direct support of Lead-Up.