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Tribe is committed to Earth Day with 1% for the Planet and EARTHDAY.ORG

1% for the planet

1% for the planet is an international organization with more than 2,000 members in 60 countries who donate at least 1% of their annual sales to environmental projects. Its purpose is to build and support an alliance between companies financially committed to creating a healthy planet and non-profit organizations that protect the different ecosystems of our planet.

The 1% certification unites us with non-profit companies that make a difference in sustainable matters and dedicate their efforts to help the Earth and its inhabitants, allocating 1% of our total annual sales to support their projects.

On this special date, with the opportunity to raise awareness about the problems facing the Earth and the forms of life who develop on it, we share our joy in announcing these commitments, making visible our efforts to promote and conserve ecosystems as a source of life and sustenance for all species.

earthday.org’s the canopy project - tribe organics

EARTHDAY.ORG’s The Canopy Project

The Canopy Project improves our shared environment by planting trees across the globe. Since 2010, EARTHDAY.ORG™ has planted tens of millions of trees with The Canopy Project, working worldwide to strengthen communities.

EARTHDAY.ORG works with global partners to reforest areas in dire need of rehabilitation, including areas with some of the world’s communities most at-risk from climate change and environmental degradation. We have also conducted broad tree planting in the wake of environmental disasters.

Did you know that deforestation and forest degradation account for an estimated 20% of global anthropogenic CO2 emissions? This is just one reason why The Canopy Project is so important and why we decided to be part of this movement.

This 22, 23 and 24th of April, we will donate $1 for each bottle sold to plant trees. Every purchase will help the Canopy Project reforest the world and build more sustainable communities. We appreciate your support in advance. 

As little as $1 plants a tree!

Together, we can build a more sustainable future for our planet.

If you want more information, please visit: