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Tribe Warriors


As part of a global community, TRIIBE supports individuals from inspiring athletes, adventurers, to wellness advocates and entrepreneurs, who are active in their communities and motivated to help elevate others and make the world a better place.


Our mission is to inspire generations of savvy and innovative individuals to thrive in the healthiest and most sustainable way possible. 

Through this platform we hope to inspire and motivate others so we can all maximize our own potential. 


TRIIBE Warriors share their story, rituals, training techniques and what helps them get through their days.


For us, connecting with a community of like-minded individuals and wellness seekers is a powerful thing.


madisyn taute - tribe organics

Yogi, rock climber, model.

alexia bauer - tribe organics


Alexia Bauer

Ashtanga yoga teacher



polly ralda - tribe organics

Big wave surfer