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Boswellia for Dogs: A Natural Solution for Joint Health

When it comes to our furry companions, their well-being is our top priority. We want to see them wagging their tails, running around the yard, and living their best lives. But just like humans, dogs can face health challenges, particularly in their joints.

Fortunately, nature often provides solutions, and one such remedy that has gained attention is Boswellia for dogs. In this guide, we will delve into the world of Boswellia and its potential benefits for our four-legged pals. 


Wooden bowl with Boswellia Serrata

Unpacking Boswellia for Dogs

You are not alone if your dog has been limping, hesitating to climb stairs, or showing signs of joint discomfort, as many dog owners face this challenge. But before you consider prescription drugs or surgery, let's talk about Boswellia.

What is Boswellia for Dogs?

Boswellia, also known as Indian frankincense, is a resin obtained from the Boswellia serrata tree. While it's been traditionally used in herbal medicine, modern research has begun to recognize its potential for various applications in canine health.

How Does Boswellia Work for Dogs?

Inflammation, which can cause mild to severe pain and other health concerns, is one of the main reasons Boswellia benefits dogs. It acts to mitigate these inflammatory responses, providing potential relief to the affected areas and improving overall well-being.

The Benefits of Boswellia for Dogs

Now that we've got a basic understanding of what Boswellia is, let's dig into the advantages it can bring to your four-legged companion's life.

Boosts Joint Health

Boswellia is renowned for its potential to promote joint health. As dogs grow older, their joints can become a source of discomfort. This natural remedy can help alleviate such discomforts, paving the way for improved mobility.

Natural Pain Relief

No pet owner wants to see their beloved dog in distress. Thanks to Boswellia's innate analgesic properties, it can help soothe pain stemming from conditions like arthritis. Think of it as a gentle, natural remedy that brings relief to your dog's painful joints.

Potent Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Inflammation is often the underlying cause of many dog ailments, ranging from joint issues to allergies. Boswellia's impressive anti-inflammatory attributes help address and manage these problems, contributing to your pet's general wellness.

Supports Digestive Health

While Boswellia's joint benefits are widely recognized, it's equally effective for the digestive system. Whether it's digestive discomfort or inflammation, Boswellia can help pacify the symptoms, making it a multifaceted natural healer.

Antioxidant Properties

Boswellia also contains antioxidants that play a crucial role in protecting the body against free radicals. These compounds, in turn, reduce oxidative stress, a major contributor to aging and numerous diseases.

Enhances Immune Function

A robust immune system is vital for any dog to fend off infections and recover swiftly from illnesses. Boswellia contributes to strengthening your dog's immune defenses, ensuring they remain healthy.

Supports Respiratory Health

Canines with breathing problems could benefit from a Boswellia supplement. According to the findings of several studies, it may help enhance the respiratory health of dogs, making it easier for them to breathe.

Boswellia is more than just an herbal supplement. This plant's ability to improve a dog's health in so many ways, from their joints to their lungs, is a wonderful example of how nature can provide nourishment and healing.


Happy dog receiving his daily supplements.

Effective Boswellia Administration for Dogs

The success of incorporating this beneficial herb into your pet's routine hinges on how seamlessly you can administer it. Here's a general guideline:

1. Dosage

Boswellia can be advantageous for your dog if given in the correct dose.

  • Small dogs (under 20 lbs): 50-100 mg per day.
  • Medium dogs (20-50 lbs): 100-200 mg per day.
  • Large dogs (50+ lbs): 200-400 mg per day.

2. Form

Your dog has several options. Thus, choose the one that suits their personality and needs:

  • Capsules and Tablets: Conceal these within their treats or regular meals.
  • Liquid Form: Blend seamlessly with water or their regular meals.
  • Topical Application: Apply directly to areas with skin inflammation or irritation.
  • Powder: Evenly distribute over your dog's meal.
  • Chews and Treats: Offer as a tasty reward they will look forward to.
  • Customized Compounds: Specially formulated based on your dog's unique requirements.
  • Homemade Treats: Add Boswellia when making DIY dog treats.
  • Direct Oral Administration: Employ a syringe or dropper for precise dosage.

3. Timing

Timing is everything, even when it comes to Boswellia.

  • It's often recommended to give Boswellia with meals. This helps with absorption and ensures your dog gets the maximum benefits.

So, whether you choose capsules, liquid, powder, or some other form, incorporating Boswellia into your dog's daily routine is a breeze. It's all about finding the method that works best for both you and your furry friend, guaranteeing they receive the joint-loving benefits they deserve.

Choosing the Right Boswellia Product

Not all Boswellia supplements for dogs are created equal. Hence, when selecting a product, consider the following factors:

  • Quality:  Opt for high-quality Boswellia supplements from reputable brands. Ensure that the product is pure and free from harmful additives. 
  • Dosage: Dosage can vary based on the dog's size, age, and condition. Be sure to follow your vet's recommendations diligently.
  • Form of Boswellia: Boswellia supplements come in various forms, such as capsules, tablets, chews, or powders. Consider your dog's ease of administration when choosing the form.
  • Source of Boswellia: Check the source of Boswellia used in the product. Boswellia serrata is the most common. Ensure that the product specifies the type and source of Boswellia used.
  • Additional Ingredients: Some Boswellia supplements may contain additional ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, or MSM, which can be beneficial for joint health. 
  • Allergies and Sensitivities:  Be aware of any allergies or sensitivities your dog may have. Read the product label carefully to check for potential allergens your dog should avoid.
  • Brand Reputation: Research the brand's reputation and customer reviews. Look for feedback from other dog owners who have used the same product to gauge its effectiveness and safety.
  • Consultation with a Specialist: If your dog has specific health conditions, consider consulting with a veterinary specialist, such as a veterinary nutritionist, for recommendations.
  • Long-Term Monitoring: Keep a record of your dog's response to the Boswellia supplement over time. Adjust the dosage or explore alternative options if necessary.
  • Watch for Interactions: Some medications may interact with Boswellia, and your vet can help you manage any potential interactions.

While Boswellia supplements can offer numerous benefits to your dog, the key is in choosing the right product and monitoring its effects. Always prioritize your pet's health by seeking expert advice and paying close attention to their response.

Boswellia Potential Side Effects and Precautions

If you are thinking about giving your dog Boswellia, these are the things you should know about its potential adverse effects and what you can do to safeguard your dog's wellness:

Side Effects:

  • Gastrointestinal Upset: In some cases, dogs may experience mild gastrointestinal upset, which could manifest as diarrhea or stomach discomfort. Adjusting dosage or taking Boswellia with food can reduce this negative effect.
  • Allergic Reactions: Though rare, dogs may be allergic to Boswellia. Watch for signs of allergies, such as itching, skin rash, or swelling, and discontinue use immediately if you suspect an allergic reaction.
  • Interaction with Other Medications: Boswellia can potentially interact with certain medications your dog might be taking. Always consult with your veterinarian about any supplements or treatments your dog receives to ensure no adverse interactions.


  • Consult Your Veterinarian: Before introducing Boswellia supplements to your dog's diet, it's crucial to consult your veterinarian. They can assess your dog's overall health, recommend the appropriate dosage, and monitor for any possible side effects.
  • Start with a Low Dosage: When starting Boswellia supplementation, begin with a low dose and gradually increase it as recommended by your veterinarian. This cautious approach can minimize the risk of side effects.
  • Quality Matters: Ensure you choose a high-quality Boswellia supplement specifically formulated for dogs. Look for reputable brands that provide clear dosing instructions and ingredients.
  • Monitor Your Dog: Keep a close eye on your dog once you begin Boswellia supplements. Look for any changes in behavior, appetite, or stool consistency. If you notice anything unusual, consult your vet promptly.
  • Regular Check-ups: Even if your dog is responding well to Boswellia, don't skip regular check-ups with your veterinarian. Joint health can change over time; your vet can adjust the treatment plan as needed.

By being aware of these potential side effects and taking necessary precautions, you can ensure that Boswellia supplementation remains a safe and beneficial addition to your dog's overall health regimen. 

Tribe Organics Boswellia Complex - Happy Joints, Happy Dog

When your dog hurts, it hurts you too. Tribe Organics understands, and we are here to help with our Boswellia Complex, a natural solution to help them regain their vitality and enjoy life to the fullest.

Choose Boswellia Complex to:

  • Relieve joint pain for a more active lifestyle.
  • Boost joint mobility so your dog can keep up.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing it’s natural, safe, and effective - because your dog's health is our priority.

Don't let joint issues hold your dog back; start incorporating Boswellia and see the difference in their wagging tail!


In your journey to provide the best for your furry friend, Boswellia for dogs emerges as a promising natural remedy. It reduces pain, enhances joint function, and lets dogs chase their dreams (or tails) with gusto.

With the right guidance and care, Boswellia could be the key to your beloved pet's healthier and happier life. Nonetheless, every dog's needs are unique, so keep informed decisions and expert consultations at the forefront.

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