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Dhruva Mikkelsen


Dhruva Mikkelsen

Somatic Breathwork Teacher


Meet Dhruva

Dhruva was born on a worldwide meditation tour with Swami Muktananda. He was raised in an Ashram (spiritual community) in India, & upstate New York. There the daily schedule consisted of meditation, scriptural study (svādhyāya), chanting sacred sounds (nama sankirtana), japa, & the practice of selfless action (sevā).
Fast forward to adulthood, he experimented in the business world for 10 years. He tallied up a number of failures and 1 significant success, after which he prayed for clarity in his life’s purpose. This came in the form of black mold poisoning, and complete disidentification with his known self.
He was hurled into an exquisite healing journey, culminating in a dedication to the art of full expression.
He now practices somatic psychotherapy and coaching. Utilizing various conscious breathing methods, coaching modalities and somatic psychotherapeutic practices, he offers support for every person to experience their fullest expression.
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Get to know them

Life Goal in this moment:

Sharing the power of the breath, to become all that we are.

What inspires you?

The yearning heart of the human.

If you could change something about the actual world, what would it be?

My crooked pinky toes! Super confused why they are like that.

Relationship with nature:

Reverent Lover

Mental approach to a hard situation during your practice:

Embrace it & Repeat the mantra.

Morning Ritual

Wake up at 5. Offer gratitude to my body & being, for my loved ones and life. Meditate, Breath practices, Exercise and off we go!


Intermittent fasting is the way!

How do TRIIBE'S Products make you feel:

Fundamentally strong & prepared.

Favorite quote:

“I HATE quotation. Tell me what you know” - Ralph Waldo Emerson